Seminar on "IoT basics using Docker Containers"

as part of Corsi di laurea magistrale in COMPUTER SCIENCE - Universit√† di Padova, Italy March 2022 
This course focuses on developing and prototyping IoT applications using Docker containers.
Containers are a lightweight approach to virtualization that developers can apply to rapidly develop, test, deploy, and update applications at scale. Docker is an open platform for container-based virtualization. Docker makes it fast and easy to build containers and deploy them anywhere: in a private or public cloud, within a local VM, or on physical hardware, including IoT devices.
The approach of the course is mainly practical, presenting the topic of IoT through examples based on Docker containers, integrating services and protocols like LoRAWAN, MQTT, REST, time-series database (e.g., InfluxDB), server agents (e.g., Telegraf), and so on.
Finally, the course will offer basic concepts on TinyML. TinyML is a rapidly growing area where machine learning technologies and applications, including hardware, algorithms, and software, can perform sensor data analysis on devices with extremely low power consumption. These solutions enable a variety of broader use cases targeting battery-powered devices.

All the material is available here.


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